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Playwright and Producer

Fragile Man has been written and produced by new playwright David Martin, who is thrilled to be bringing this exciting debut drama to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017. Many thanks go to Jacqs Graham, Richard Miltiadis, Julie Nicholson and Bruce Turbull for their creative contributions and inspirations.


Director Jacqs Graham is renowned for her accomplishments as both an award-winning actor and director with Kelvin Players in Bristol. Her superb creative influences run deep throughout the production and the many twists and turns of this powerful drama.

The Cast
The play is a double-hander featuring David Martin and Richard Miltiadis, two highly experienced actors based in SW England and Wales. Richard has appeared in numerous film and tv productions and recently played the notorious ’Third Roman Soldier’ in Howard Brenton’s controversial 'The Romans in Britain’. David also has a large portfolio of stage appearance, including notably as Joe Keller in All My Sons and Rev. Hale in The Crucible.

Musical Score
David Martin has also written and produced the original musical score accompanying Fragile Man.