Written and directed by David Martin and featuring Emma Smart in her first one woman play, Mother flutters and shifts “like a badly disguised comb-over caught in a sudden gust”. Journey with Molly as she uncovers a tangled web of lust, lies, Liebfraumilch and a proper bleeding miracle. As she's about to discover, it’s not an event, it’s a process. From Frank's patch of baldness to Lydia's patch of happiness and the silently spoken words of a broken promise, Molly finally sets the record straight. But which record? Which will you believe?​

Writer and director David Martin says "if you enjoy original, thought-provoking theatre, Mother will not disappoint. It stays true to our aim to create unique, contemporary drama, focused on crafted story-telling and high quality production, whilst raising the profile of important social issues."

​* Warning: Contains references to adult themes and some scenes of a sensitive nature.

What the Audience said ...

Catherine G: "​Fantastic script writing and acting 5* - so real and emotional."

Jack N: "Dynamic, engaging, unpredictable." 5*

Liz B: "Totally engrossing - really got pulled in to the story ..." 5*

Nat G: "Believable, familiar but surprising." 5*

Phil H: "Excellent performance by Emma - held your attention throughout." 5*

Neil J: "Absolutely superb. Funny, emotional, thought-provoking." 5*

John D: "An emotional rollercoaster!" 5*

Jeanette S: "Wow! Amazing! Very evocative rollercoaster." 5*

Sandy P: "Absolutely amazing. Emma blew my mind - so good. Writing was superb." 5*

​Marie: "Powerful. Inventive use of props. Very intelligent performance." 5*

​Rosie C: "I loved it. So clever and beautifully acted.Funny, dark, moving - what more could you want." 5*

Graham H: "A nostalgic, dark comedy ..." 5*

Sharon H: "Brilliant, relatable. Very moving at times but great with comedy. Throw in well written and excellent performance by Emma." 5*


STAGE TALK MAGAZINE 4* ~ "Mother is a hilarious, nostalgic and harrowing story of motherhood .. (which) transforms into a deeply personal experience that will shock and unsettle .."​​

​​BACKSTAGE BRISTOL 5* ~ "Mother is a gripping piece of theatre ... told through the perspective of Molly ... deftly portrayed in a thrilling and entertaining performance. 

It’s funny, dark and brings you in for a thrilling ride. This is all thanks to its clever writing combined with the wonderful performance of Emma Smart. You sense after a while that there’s a twist coming, but even if you look for clues the script manages to keep the surprise hidden well. Actor Emma Smart is simply marvellous. The writing demands a strong grip of comic timing, even when delving into some very dark issues. But, the standing ovation at the end was fully deserved.​​


​​Full Backstage Bristol review here: https://backstagebristol.com/review-mother-at-the-alma-tavern-theatre/

Full Stage Talk Magazine review here: https://stagetalkmagazine.com/p/29382





A hilarious, nostalgic and heart-breaking tale of one woman's descent into motherhood and mayhem. Set to a stunning soundtrack, Mother unfolds into a deeply personal experience, that will both enthral and unsettle. As you're about to discover, it’s not an event, it’s a process.*

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