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If you would like to help fund the work that we do in creating meaningful, resonant, topical and thought-provoking theatre and drama, you can pledge from as little as £0.01 by simply clicking on the below "donate" button (also at the top of each web page).

We know that there are many good causes vying for your attention and support, so why us? Last year we wrote and produced a play called Fragile Man which focused on male suicide. This year UnSpoken has a similar theme, raising the profile of childhood abuse. Both plays highlight the pervasive impact of the silence that surrounds mental health issues, often accompanied by feelings of shame. We are already working on a number of other projects aimed at highlighting #MentalHealthMatters.

By making dramas aimed at raising the profile of #MentalHealthMatters we hope, in some small way, to take the lid of the issues that remain 'unspoken', to stimulate debate, highlight the need to talk and combat the stereotypes.​ We are always seeking additional funding for this important and artistically creative approach, to help us tour our current productions and develop new ones.

Our sincere thanks to you!

The Softsod Team

About Us

​​​​Based in South Wales and Bristol, Softsod Productions specialise in unique, thought-provoking and moving drama for theatre. We pride ourselves on original scripts and great story-telling, told in intimate settings with atmospheric staging, production and soundscapes. We want it to be personal and to bring audiences with us as we explore the human condition, the conflict of mental and emotional health, the necessity of belonging and our instincts for survival. 

We focus heavily on a well crafted, meaningful plot, creative directing, outstanding performance and high quality production. Our first two psychological dramas, Fragile Man (2017) and UnSpoken (2018) have been true to our aspirations, with huge impact, playing to packed houses at the Bath Fringe and at the world renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe.​

Outstanding touring theatre company who specialise in unique, topical, thought-provoking and moving drama for theatre. Original scripts and strong, relevant themes aimed at raising awareness on psychological and social issues, including mental ill health, emotional conflict, the human condition and our instincts for survival. Delivering creative, insightful storylines, outstanding acting and performance and high quality productions.