You are, because you have to be.


As the sun sets relentlessly over a traumatic hillside encounter, a desperate therapy session ticks incessantly to a close. Before the end of the ebbing hour, a man and a woman must reveal their truths or suffer the unthinkable consequences. Story-telling of human fragility, loss and our enduring will to survive at its devastating best.


The Ebbing Hour is our dynamic new drama, re-crafted from Fragile Man and UnSpoken into a single two-act play. Both original plays work superbly as stand-alone 50 minute productions, but as the stories are linked they also work beautifully as a 2-act play, giving us what we believe is a unique piece of theatre.

From early on in the formation of UnSpoken we planned to amalgamate it with Fragile Man into a single entity. We are now on the verge of realising that ambition.

The Ebbing Hour delivers an edgy, atmospheric production, raising the profile of #MentalHealthMatters whilst also bringing excellent story-telling to the stage. The play and all the accompanying ‘ethereal’ music is written by playwright David Martin and directed by the wonderfully talented Jacqs Graham.

The play works particularly well in smaller, more intimate theatre spaces, either front-on or thrust, allowing the audience to really connect with the characters and the very visceral issues and performances the drama delivers.

We will be touring The Ebbing Hour across the South-West, South-East, Wales and the Midlands from mid February to end of May 2019. See here for a full list of tour dates.

The Ebbing Hour

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​​Cast Auditions

We are casting for The Ebbing Hour. If you are interested in a part and are free to rehearse in the Bristol/ Newport (S. Wales) area from Nov 2018 to mid Feb 2019 and tour Wales, SW, SE and Midlands (UK) with us 14th Feb to 31st May 2019 please send your details and a brief profile to us at


Man Y: Male: Playing age 28-40. A moody, dark, uncompromising character with a mysterious but undoubtedly tragic past, driven now to commit suicide. Uncommunicative and sinister, with a tendency to OCD, the man has a secret past and an unparalleled determination to hide it. The last thing he needs, as he ritualistically sets himself to die, is to be discovered and have to explain himself. To defend himself against the inevitable, maybe he can turn the tables. He's clever enough.

Man X: Male: Playing age 28-40. A positive, likeable if somewhat erratic man, always keen to grow, improve and learn. An almost child-like demeanour belies a complex history, easily confused by his own deliberations. An excitable psychology lecturer, who has just returned to work after some mysterious time away, he comes daily to an isolated hill top to watch the sunset. It's in the ebbing hour of the setting sun that he finds peace and serenity. A peace that is about to be unceremoniously shattered. Can he endure the trial and stay without running for the hills, as he usually does? 

The Therapist: Male. Playing age 45-55. A deep, thoughtful, well educated man who has yet to learn that being an effective therapist is about more than being calm, smart and insightful. He must also learn to be human, open and above all, vulnerable; all the things he has spent the last 30 years avoiding. Tonight he has his chance, a chance he must take. It fills him with a strange mixture of dread and relief as he prepares to tell his story and save the day. In a desperate attempt to change the course of events unfolding before him, he chooses to ditch the facade of the safe and careful therapist and venture into unchartered territory; to become the man he's always wanted to be. Can he pull it off?

The Woman: Female: Playing age 33-45. A nervous, smart and deeply troubled woman who is more than a match for her therapist. She has learned to twist and turn, physically as well as emotionally, to keep the wolves from the door, to hide her biggest fears and bury her hardest memories. She oscillates between her disconnected, hurt and fractured child and her quick-witted, biting and challenging adult, to the extent she threatens to overwhelm the session. But she is also as determined and courageous as she is disturbed. Driven by a single-minded desire to find her resolution, she needs answers, quickly, and she's just about to get them. Very alarming ones. 

Outstanding touring theatre company who specialise in unique, topical, thought-provoking and moving drama for theatre. Original scripts and strong, relevant themes aimed at raising awareness on psychological and social issues, including mental ill health, emotional conflict, the human condition and our instincts for survival. Delivering creative, insightful storylines, outstanding acting and performance and high quality productions.