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To make your pledge today, please email david@softsod.com with the amount you would like to donate and we will send you details of how to pay and how to collect your rewards.


1. Pledge £1 or more - A Starter for One
You receive:
Our heart felt thank for your pledge, every single one counts.

2. Pledge £5 or more - Cheers!
You receive in addition: Your name added to our website to thank you personally for your generosity.

3. Pledge £10 or more - Poster Time
You receive in addition to the above: A signed digital cover shot of our play UnSpoken.

​4. Pledge £20 or more - Poster Plus
You receive in addition to the above: A digital copy of our trailer for UnSpoken.

​​5. Pledge £50 or more - Stepping Up
You receive in addition to the above: Two complimentary tickets to see UnSpoken at any venue (see here for dates).

​6. Pledge £100 or more - Gob Smacked!
You receive in addition to the above: A digitally recorded audio copy of the entire play UnSpoken.

​7. Pledge £500 or more - Speechless
You receive in addition to the above: A free UK performance of UnSpoken for up to 50 (venue TBA - see above).

​8. Pledge £1000 or more - Speechless
You receive in addition to reward 6: A free UK performance of UnSpoken for up to 100 (venue TBA - see above).

Thank you! You're making a difference! You're not only supporting our play, but you are helping to raise the profile of this important subject matter #MentalHealthMatters. 

​​Make a Pledge

​If you would like to support Softsod to keep making relevant drama to help raise the profile of #MentalHealthMatters, you can pledge from as little as £1. 

Raising the profile on what it is to suffer from poor mental health, we believe our plays have a vital message, promoted through drama and theatre.

To make a pledge and grab a thank you reward from us* email us at david@softsod.com. 

* Rewards are made entirely at our discretion, subject to availability.


Outstanding touring theatre company who specialise in unique, topical, thought-provoking and moving drama for theatre. Original scripts and strong, relevant themes aimed at raising awareness on psychological and social issues, including mental ill health, emotional conflict, the human condition and our instincts for survival. Delivering creative, insightful storylines, outstanding acting and performance and high quality productions.